Thank  you for visiting our History page.  Each month we will explore a different part of the history of the Poquessing Watershed – we’ll look at the people, places and things that contributed to the area that we know as the Poquessing Watershed.

If there is a particular subject matter you would like us to cover, just let us know and we will see what we can dig up.  Also, we are always looking for new content. Feel free to submit content you want to share, or you can contact us to a be a guest columnist.


We started in May with a brief history of Benjamin Rush State Park.  Below is some more interesting information about Benjamin Rush – referred to as “The Signer” as his signature can be found directly below John Hancock’s on the Declaration of Independence.

Benjamin Rush - The Signer

MAY 2015

Benjamin Rush State Park is located within the Poquessing Creek Watershed, and includes parts of Philadelphia and Bensalem Township.  Community members and elected officials worked tirelessly to make the park a reality. If you haven’t visited the park, now is the time to do it – it’s a wonderful community asset, and the Friends of Poquessing Watershed are proud to have been part of the process.

To learn about the man who the park is named after, click on the title below and read an article about Dr. Benjamin Rush written by Richard A. Shadoan, M.D.

Dr Benjamin Rush

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