The Poquessing Streamkeepers – A Citizen Science Program

The Poquessing Streamkeepers are a group of volunteers who record information about the Poquessing Creek and its tributaries.  After receiving a brief training, Streamkeepers visit an agreed upon location along the creek every month to observe the water, areas of streambank erosion, and the condition and density of the streambank vegetation and record their findings.  The findings are then submitted to the monitoring coordinator who manages the data in conjunction with other watershed groups.

This is a critical program, as it provides a vital window to the current condition of the Poquessing Creek and ultimately the health of the watershed.

For more information about this program and to see how you can become a Poquessing Streamkeeper, feel free to contact the Poquessing Monitoring Coordinator:

Meghan Rogalus

PDFs of the Poquessing Streamkeepers Manual and maps are provided below.

Poquesssing Streamkeeper Manual Final
Streamkeeper Manual Rev 2017

Poquesssing Streamkeeper Map


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